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Escape DJs have years of experience reading rooms to make sure your crowd is always engaged no matter how diverse your audience may be!


From a professional voice to keep your schedule on track to a hype man that will liven up your crowd, Escape Entertainment has the perfect MC for your event!

Live Musicians

Dhol, Tabla, Piano, Flute and violin players are just a few of the different artists we have to offer. Adding the appropriate live element based on your theme, helps set the mood for each event and brings your entire wedding vision to life.


Pristine Sound:

We carry high quality speakers which our sound engineers balance and eq to ensure that your speeches and music are not only heard but felt throughout the entire room.

Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent lighting takes wedding lighting to a whole new level. Every feature of the lighting effects (movement, patterns, speed, colors, etc.) will be controlled by your lighting technician which gives you the ability to create both an elegant vibe, while creating a “Lit” Dancefloor.

LED Wall/Projection

Our LED Walls and Projectors can be used to display crip and stunning images, videos and visuals through out your room. Our Video Engineer will customize the displays to present anything you like during your timeline such as your pictures and highlight video reel during dinner to mesmerizing graphics during your dance floor.

Up Lighting

Transform your event space from ordinary to extraordinary with uplighting. Select from thousands of colors with our LED lighting technology. You can use a soft amber to create a soft candle lit mood or, light your space in your wedding’s color scheme. With intelligent up-lighting, you can even change the color of your up lights at various times during your wedding. The possibilities are endless! Picture your entire space slowly transforming from a romantic candlelight tone to a more vibrant color as the party picks up.


Gobos can be used to create and project different patterns with light throughout the room. Use a customed Gobo to display your names, initials, monogram or wedding date/design onto the dance floor or walls. This will add a personal touch and uniqueness to your décor. You can even customize this to match design elements from your stationery, invitations, or the graphic on the bottom of your pictures and photo booth strips.


Color washes can be used to add light to your dance floor, ceiling, or any selected area in any color you choose. When these lights are layered with other fixtures such as a gobo, they can create amazing textures, feels and moods to bring your wedding vision to life.

Pin Spots

A pin spot is a mini spotlight focused on a centerpiece, wedding cake, place card table or other important items. Pin spots cause your design elements to really “pop” and stand out. These are absolute must for your large floral centerpieces.

C02 Guns & Jets

Cool off your crowd with our C02 Cannon Guns and Jets. These create a ton of energy and bring that festival and concert feel to your dance floor!


Sparklers, also known as Cold Sparks, are a great way to add even more excitement and enhance those special moments at your wedding. These are a sure way of creating additional hype during your entrances, first dance and open dance floor.


If you’re looking for a next level lighting show, our professional high wattage light beams are a great way to bring more of a concert and EDM feel to your dance floor.

Dancing on the cloud

Our professional low hanging fog machines create the magical feel of you being on cloud. These thick white clouds not only create a “Wow” factor for your audience, but they look amazing in pictures and videos and create an everlasting memories of your wedding!

Special Effects

Escape Entertainment offers a wide range of theatrical special effects such as fire effects, hazers, fog, confetti blasters and much more. Inquire about having these unique effects at your event!